ATF System Cleaner Automatico | MM TC - 100 automatic gearbox maintenance station

DimTronic ATF Automatic System Cleaner in collaboration with Magneti Marelli

The ATF System Cleaner is a valid support for the maintenance of gearboxes with torque converter or sequential transmission. It allows you to give new life to automatic gearboxes and restore original speed, reducing vibration and oil consumption. It is possible to clean and change the oil, using specific additives, without the need to remove the gearbox. The machine is able to perform automatic control during each stage of processing and independently recognise the flow of oils; a cell system which manages flow and pressure also eliminates the need for pressure gauges.

It is provided with a case of standard fittings for simple and quick use. There is also a detailed user manual and a database containing information on the connecting points, types of fittings to be used, the amount of lubricant, the OE number, the temperature level method, and more besides. Special fittings for the European market are also available on request.

Technical Specifications:

Power supply 12Vdc (battery of the vehicle)
Maximum operating pressure
9 bar
Maximum flow rate 5.5 litres/min
Display LCD 20 characters x 4 lines
Type of gearbox with torque converter and sequential
Dimensions 660x510x1175mm
Total weight 55 Kg

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