DimTronic's approach is based on both technical and commercial innovation. We think along the same lines as our customers, because we all believe in perfection. A workshop that offers only normal maintenance services will probably not see any particular growth in revenue or in its customer base.

"If you keep doing what you've always done, you'll get what you have always got!"

What new services have you offered over the last six months?
DimTronic gives you the opportunity to attract more customers by offering to reduce consumption and improve the performance of their cars at low cost.


A master control unit can cost over 400 euros. To decode it can cost between 100 and 180 euros. Which option would you choose?


What is the average age of the cars you service? If you service quality vehicles, you should offer a technologically advanced service... electronics!


Let us not forget that 80% of commercial decisions (and others) are based on a visual impression. Why should they choose your workshop? DimTronic has the answer for you.


Your staff are undoubtedly well trained and experienced... but they should also keep up with the times. Regular refresher courses can help staff to acquire new skills and guarantee a profit over time.

DimTronic is, therefore, the ideal partner for anyone who loves their work and, with ingenuity and commitment, drives the market by finding new solutions for the end customer. The categories of professionals we work with are:

  • Mechanical professionals (engineering workshops)
  • Electronics professionals (electrical workshops)
  • Specialised truck workshops
  • Tyre service professionals (tyre retailers)
  • Bodywork professionals (body shops)
  • Automotive electronics laboratories
  • Specialised tuning centres
  • Brand vehicle dealerships (new and used)
  • Authorised brand workshops
  • Franchising circuit workshops (rapid, direct, Midas, gold point, etc.)
  • Recognised brand clubs (e.g. Alfisti)